Teksin Enerji Üretimi A.Ş  is continue to project development and investment activities, to build utility-scale electricity generation plants based on solar energy both national and international,

In the past when making use of heat energy from the sun, together with the evolving technology in recent years have increased electricity production from the sun, and has become an important industry. Electricity from the solar energy sector in Turkey is still relatively recent. In this regard, project work will shape the industry by using unlimited ,most importantly clean and  free sources of energy are being carried out by a single power.

Solar panels and photovoltaic cells are obtained by gradually decreasing costs of electricity. Our aim is also to the use of local and renewable sources of energy on our part in countering external dependence is to do our part.


Erenler is planing to start this big project at Karaman with Teksin Enerji. Our project,  which is  licensed 33,124MW,  is about 40,000 people in need of such as housing, industry, metro transport, government offices, Street lighting .the power can meet all electricity needs,


3th large power plant come to life in Turkey, most prestigious project in the Photovoltaic Energy sector will be implemented.