Household Waste Collection and Transport

In our field of activity , garbage collection service is provided within the large and small hydraulic pressing garbage trucks every day with some of our programs.

With more than 50 vehicles 700 tons of garbage are collected daily.

Household Waste Collection with Underground Container

Our company has a fleet of truck-mounted cranes on environmental technologies in order to improve the quality of service has included the systematic multi-purpose garbage trucks. Due to the features of these vehicles, wastes are collected by online control from the vehicle.

Container Washing and Disinfection Service

Container Washing & Disinfecting Vehicle wash and disinfect the containers by using a special solutions are performed regularly in all our fields of activities.

Sweeping The Streets And Squares

Main streets, squares and roadways is swept regulary by modern cleaning tools and our crews for a cleaner environment and more healthy society

It is usually done manually sweeping services where mechanical sweeping isn't suitable.

Washing The Streets And Squares With Street Washer

In our washing operations; roads, streets and squares,  which can not be removed with mechanical sweeping, especially mud ,dust and pollution caused by other reasons can be removed. Vehicles with  Sprinkler  and  hoses  are used in the washing operation

Rubble Collection and Transport

Rubble wastes that  defacer the  aesthetic image of the city are collecting and transportating services are provided.